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One of the most popular forms of animation that we see day in and day out is animation used in advertising.We are constantly exposed to animation and we don’t even necessarilyt notice it, but animation plays a key role in advertising. One of the most world famous examples of this is the Geico gecko. This little green creature has made us all laugh or smile at some point. The reason he seems to be more entertaining most of the time compared to his human counterparts in Geico commercials is because of the emotion that the animators are able to portray through body action and facial expressions.

Women contribute the “aww” factor when it comes to the gecko. They look at him as cute and adorable which he can be a lot of the time, but he can also be a very sarcastic little creature at the same time thereby appealing to the male demographic.


In the above picture we can see a good example of the body language that the animators incorparate into the gecko’s body motions so that he may get his attitude and opinion across. My second example of animation in advertising is the famous Coca Cola bear.

Yet another world famous advertising symbol the coca cola bear has been around for generations. It is a symbol of coke that old and young can recognize and relate to. The idea of an ice cold Coke is portrayed through this famous polar bear. The above commercial is a more modernized version compared to the ones that used to be plastered all over but it has changed due to the development of computer animation. Advertisers use these bears not only to hope to encourage a sense of nostalgia because of how long they have been around but also to encourage the desire for an ice cold coke so cold that POLAR BEARS think its cold.

The above Charmin commercial is my last example of animation in advertising. The Charmin bears have been around for about a decade. These commercials portray a “mama bear” and “baby bear”. The mother runs around chasing her baby cub trying to help him go to the bathroom carrying a roll of Charmin. It reminds us all of when we were being “potty trained” and we ran around while our mothers chased us trying to help us learn to use the restroom. In this we find a way to relate we look at this scenario as “cute” which is a very clever twist on its practical use because in reality who really wants to talk straight up about toilet paper? So this is yet another clever way of using animation to create something pleasantly informative.


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  2. great post. its something you kind of get desensitized to but now that i think about it is everywhere. i cant imagine geico without that gecko. its gonna be weird when that changes up. if it does.

  3. Kendra Prasad- Hist 389 said:

    I really enjoyed reading your blog post. It is so true that we rarely pay attention to the animation portrayed through advertisements. Many people record their television shows now, and so they fast forward through the commercials. If not recorded, people often mute or just ignore the commercials. And we usually don’t look twice at advertisements that we pass on a daily basis. So it was really interesting to see you go into depth on these animations that we so often take for granted these days.

  4. Very good post. I have realized that since animation’s creation, it was used not only to entertain people, but to advertise products. I think people today may not pay attention animation in commercials because they are trying to ignore the ad itself. But I will say, they are still eye-catching, like the new ad for Raid with the beautifully animated ants.

  5. As a kid and even growing up, no one noticed these animals as being the perfect mascots. They were the face of the advertisement, and they themselves became the brand. Who can go through any commercial with these famous brands and NOT expect to see the gecko or bears? It’s become a regular thing to have mascots appear with advertising, and it seems to help the brand progress.

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